Friday, February 25

#3 Aotearoa.

I love staying here in the land of Kiwi. It just that everything is uniquely different. Or, totally different from what I used to have or see. The lot-of-walking I have to do, the toilets, the weather, the scenery, the food, the language, the so-many-shops but sadly they closed it as early as 5 p.m, the culture and also the people. Class gonna start soon! Be prepared for the unexpected war dear darling. Sleep early and eat as many as you can :)

Thursday, February 10


I don't think that everything can be fitted into ONE luggage. Myy, bigg trouble. How am I suppose to take everything there? I want to take with me everything, I said everything!

Wednesday, February 9


At last, I got the mail saying I'm located at the 3rd floor of Huia residence. I wish my floor is a bit higher as the scenery would be much much much more nicer. So, I can always peek out of the window to watch people, sky.. well, next time maybe? Or else, I can always hack someone else's room for that. Anyway, I should be thankful for that. Yes I am. 

Is it too far? or just nice?


terus terang kata, aku tak tahu apa masa depan blog ni.