Friday, April 13


North island trip.
Fun, crazy, worth the time and I got the chance to learn more about my friends.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing was breathtaking and superb eventhough we ended up hiking for 14 effing hours instead of 7 or 8 hours. Once in a life time darling. Cool aye? Two cans of Redbull was really helpful. If you want to do the crossing make sure you are mentally and physically prepared. Mentally especially. I mean it. That 19.4 km was no joke. It may seem short and easy, but it is not. Going up the rocky mountain was challenging and extremely risky.You will feel the burden of the backpack that you brought after only 5 km and you have another 14.4 km. Die. I found that no one talks about the wood at the end of the crossing, so let me tell you, you have to go through 2 km of wood. No toilet available for almost 11 km. A pair of good hiking shoes and the hiking sticks really helps. And lastly, take a lot of photos and record video along the journey, but not too much or you will end up hiking for 14 hours.
To those who are not with us during the trip, shut your mouth. We had so much fun than what you think.
I just can't wait for the next trip :D