Tuesday, May 4


you always get whatever you want
did you even notice that?

i'm not.
totally contrasting with you.
your life.
i wish i can be as lucky as you.
so i can smile widely.
you should be thankful with everything you have now.
cause in other part of the world someone may not.
include me in the list.
& be good.
you life will be much much better.
you always have someone to rely on.
you should have seen that.
no,that someone is not me.
if you excluded me.
still you have them.
believe me.
i know.
i've seen so many events of life.
still, i can see you are in the good part of life.
you have them.
 & you have friends that know you well.

you have everything.
everything that is more than enough.
you should be smiling each and every seconds.
you should.

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